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Breakthroughs in AI have opened the door for new business oportunities. The engineers at Sapphire have been watching trends in the industry for some time and are experts at utilizing these new technologies in novel ways for your business.

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How We Can Use AI

SEO Blog Generation

Some content can be generated relatively easily with little need for input. One such use case is for generating blog posts to boost a website's SEO rating.

Search Engine SEO

Content Generation

Using existing business information, other content can be generated as well. For example, a client teaching classes is now able to use a book they authored to automatically generate test questions.

Exam question generation


We have extensive experience constructing neural networks to aid in classification tasks. These can range from images, text, database data, customer data, and more.

Neural network analysis

Technologies We Use

Neural Networks

A classic machine learning algorithm, we have experience using packages such as Tensorflow, Scipy, and Pytorch. In addition, our engineers have experience constructing these algorithms from scratch, A live example can be found at

Neural Network

Open AI GPT-3

We are well versed in utilizing the powerful models released by OpenAI. AI prompting and API usage are becoming increasingly important, rely on the experts to make the most of these technologies.

Open AI GPT-3

Language Models

Bloom is an interesting new open source alternative to GPT-3. Due to its open nature, it allows for the ability to self host the technology with unlimited use.

Bloom Language Model



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