IT Services

The growing pains of web infrastructure can be hard. Let the experts at Sapphire help deal with the challenges of a scaling business.


The IT Services We Offer

Enterprise Messaging System

Deploy private versions of the Sapphire email and mobile notification services. Customize the service to your needs, and most importantly, OWN your customer's data.


Private File Server

We offer a range of file service options to manage your documents. Choose from using either Google's suite of products, or hosting your own deployment of Seafile.

Private file server

Cloud Hosting

Looking for a cloud suite solution with more features? Let the engineers at Sapphire configure, deploy, and host on a wide range of cloud providers.

Cloud hosting providers



Talk with an engineer about your needs.

  • No commitment
  • No upselling
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Guided conversation
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One Service

Custom configuration and deployment of one service.

  • Sapphire management
  • Private self hosting
  • Flexible rate limit
  • Full 24hr support
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Multiple Services

Deployment of 2+ private services

  • Messaging Services
  • File suite deployments
  • Unlimited Rate Limit
  • First-class support
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