Enterprise Messaging Systems

Touching base with your customers is important. Owning your data is too. Sapphire gives robust tools to do both.


The Messaging Services We Offer

Enterprise Messaging System

The Sapphire email messaging service is a robust system that can be hosted by us or you. We tust it to manage the email systems for our products, now you can too.


Flexible Mobile Notifications

Sening phone notifications can be complicated, just ask us! That is why we built a powerful mobile app notification system that you can leverage.

Phone notifications



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One Service

Use an email or mobile notification service.

  • Sapphire management
  • Optional self hosting
  • Flexible rate limit
  • Full 24hr support
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Multiple Services

Build more on top of both of these systems.

  • Email Services
  • Mobile Notification Services
  • Unlimited Rate Limit
  • First-class support
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