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Sapphire developed the powerful Crosscheck Sports engine. Power your own personal sports team for a fraction of the price.

Event Schedule Builder

Learn How Sapphire Can Make a Custom Sports App Experience For You.

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Crafted Website

Deploying a custom sports team site with Crosscheck Sports is fast an easy. Whether you use a template provided by Sapphire or work with a designer to create your own, the Crosscheck Engine will take your site to the next level.

custom website

Custom Mobile App

We also offer custom built mobile apps driven off the Crosscheck Sports engine. Using the base Crosscheck Sports app, tweak and add content as you see fit. From fans to photo galleries, you're in good hands with a Sapphire engineer.

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Merch Integration

Lastly, all of our custom websites and mobile apps offer built in Shopify integrations to sell your team merch. We can handle the logistics, shipping, and ordering, you focus on spreading your team brand though your community.

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Explore The Main Features That Crosscheck Sports Has To Offer.

Customized Events

Create a schedule with dynamic events to organize your season and to track your attendance and team’s performance.

Crosscheck event creation app

Rich Chat

Keep up communication with your team through a feature-rich chat app supporting images, videos, texts, links, and more.

Crosscheck mobile chat app

Roster Management

Build up a backlog of players on your team to create new seasons, add subs to current seasons, and track custom information.

Crosscheck roster management app



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Crosscheck Sports Products

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