Software Development For Your Small Business.

We deliver high performant, beautiful software experiences on all platforms, at a fraction of the cost of a full development team.

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What Makes Sapphire Different?

We believe that software should be more than just a tool. The software used to connect you and your customers should be a hand-crafted experience. Our attention to your unique business needs combined with world class design and architecture deliver a higher level of satisfaction and polish not seen elsewhere.

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Polished User Interfaces (UI/UX)

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Bleeding Edge Technologies

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20+ Years Professional Experience

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Software For Business Teams Like Yours

Here at Sapphire we offer a wide variety of services to give your business the tools it needs to thrive in the modern age.

Mobile App Development

More than 60% of people use a smartphone as their main computer. Open up new markets with native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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Web App Development

The blur between website and web app is becoming narrower, supercharge your web experience with modern web app frameworks.

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Software Maintenance

Have existing infrastructure built by developers in the past? Sapphire is a professional at elevating existing systems to the next level.

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Cloud Infrastructure

The developers at Sapphire have extensive professional experience with cloud infrastructure. With us on your team, now you do too.

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App Integrations

App integrations can add new functionality to your new or existing architecture. From payments to texts, we got you covered.

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Technology Sourcing

Leverage our expertise in design and development to help shape your web technology going forward. Whether you are evolving or starting fresh.

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The Solutions We Offer For Your Business

Learning Management Software

With years of experience in the online education business, Sapphire has developed propriety infrastructure to power your custom learning systems. Courses, Modules, Exams, Auth, and more all powered through our powerful LMS.

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Event Management Systems

A first class event scheduling system was developed out of our work on Crosscheck Sports, and can now be used to supercharge your own event management. With extreme customization capabilities, notification integration, and advanced user management all natively supported in the engine.


Enterprise Messaging Systems

A robust messaging service was born out of our need to scale the Crosscheck Sports notification system. Our unique containerization approach to a fully featured email and sms system gives you complete ownership over your own data.


Customized Software Experiences

Our best projects have come out of the need to build novel systems that fit the unique needs required for a product. Talk to us about your current problems and we will custom build a robust solution whatever the use cases are.

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The Sapphire Design Principles

Sapphire has an obsession with user experience. These are the pillars of design we hold ourselves to.

Obsession Over User Experience

Most studies agree upon having 30 seconds to make a good impression on your customers. Software that “feels” as good as it looks is one of the most important parts of development for us, and will make the most impact on your customers having a positive first experience.

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Crafted Architecture

We take “use the right tool for the job not the right job for the tool” to heart. Your unique problems will require unique solutions, and our flexibility in using whatever frameworks or software design that your problems require represents that.

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Native Experiences

When deciding what tools we will use to build your applications, we give high weight to truly native experiences. We stick to natively compiled mobile applications, Typescript for web development, Swift for Apple ecosystems, and Go or Dart for backend services. These choices enhance the feel and speed of our products exponentially.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Kevin has been the primary programmer for our business for the past 15 years. We‘ve gone through numerous technology changes in that time and Kevin has kept up with it all making sure our business is best leveraging the available technology to keep our highly automated business running smoothly. Besides being an astute business man who often leads the changes we need to make to stay viable, he is also very responsive to make the changes we request as well.“

- Michelle Labrosse, Cheetah Learning

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The Sapphire Way

Sapphire prides itself on user experience above all else while ensuring the proper tools are used for the job. Whether that is building your product from the ground up or taking your current infrastructure to the next level, Sapphire will ensure your products meet the ever-growing demands of your customers. With 20+ years of professional development experience at the top tech companies in the world, your software experiences will be held to the same high standards we hold ourselves to.

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