Building Powerful and Scaleable Applications For The Future.

Sapphire NW is focused on building powerful applications in-house for all platforms utilizing the latest technologies and AI integrations.

Current Projects

Intelligent Content Creation


Sapphire NW believes in the transformative power of AI, while also being concious of recycled information. That is why we have built the most powerful AI content creation tool to create long-form, well researched documents on a wide array of topics. These topics can then be human-verified and advertised on a blog, and used to create insightful social media impacts for your services and products.

AI brain

Workout Notepad


Workout Notepad was crafted out of our passion for exercise and overall health and wellbeing. Existing mobile apps did not capture the essence of what a workout log is all about, so we set out to create the most ellegant, seamless, and feature complete workout journal for experienced athletes of all kinds. Workout Notepad represents our attention to detail.

Workout Notepad Showcase

Crosscheck Sports

The first production app our firm developed. Born out of our personal frustrations with existing sports management apps, Crosscheck Sports was built with flexbility and customization in mind. Our experience participating, managing, and leading sports teams at the youth, adult, and collegiate level equips us with the experience to identify the tools needed most by serious team managers.

Crosscheck Sports Showcase

Cheetah PMP Management

Cheetah project management courses represent the premier way to study for and pass your PMP certificaition. With her clients boasting one of the highest pass percentages in the country, her firm busy firm requires constant attention to detail. We developed a completely custom learning management system (LMS) for use in her courses.

Cheetah PMP Management
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About Us

Located in the bustling heart of the Pacific Northwest, Sapphire NW is a forward-thinking app development firm dedicated to empowering businesses with custom-tailored web, mobile, and desktop applications. Our unique blend of skills in software engineering, user experience design, and business strategy allows us to create impactful apps, particularly those leveraging artificial intelligence.

But we're more than just a service provider; we are your strategic ally in the digital era. Our services span from conceptualizing your app's purpose and features to its development and deployment, thereby empowering your business to thrive in today's app-centric world. Additionally, our expertise in the field of artificial intelligence sets us apart. Utilizing the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) from renowned providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and Hugging Face, we can fine-tune these sophisticated models to boost your existing workflows, leading to unprecedented levels of efficiency and innovation.

Our company was born out of a vision to be the leading app and AI development firm in the Pacific Northwest. Today, we take immense pride in partnering with a variety of businesses, using our innovative solutions to shape a digitally-enhanced, AI-driven future.

Collaborators, Not Clients.

We are looking for passionate and innovative business owners and entrepreneurs to collaborate with on projects. If you have an interesting business proposal, and think our skillsets may align, we would love to hear from you.