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Located in the Pacific Northwest, Sapphire NW focuses on creating genuine, tong-tenured relationships with our clients.

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Kevin is a Technology Leader with over 20 years of experience defining, designing, and building enterprise-level solutions using lean and agile project management processes to ensure the right product is delivered on time and on budget. He will meet with you to review your current technology stack, pain points, and project goals, and discuss options to meet those goals within your budget. Kevin is passionate about developing innovative products and solutions leveraging AWS cloud, Salesforce, and other web and app development frameworks that solve real-world problems for clients. With his deep technical expertise, methodical approach, and commitment to delivering business value, Kevin is dedicated to collaborating with clients to transform their vision into reality.



Jake is a recent college graduate and main developer of AI technologies at Sapphire NW. He has spent signifigant amounts of time researching and developing AI systems and AI powered applications since 2020. He also takes on mobile development for the company, creating polished user interfaces that clients love to interact with.

Who You Are

AI Curious Businesses

You've heard the buzz about AI, and you're intrigued. You know there's a lot of potential in it, but the world of machine learning seems overwhelming and complex. You need a reliable partner to make sense of it all and integrate it into your workflows. That's exactly where we come in - we'll handle the complex stuff, you reap the benefits.

Web Presence Seekers

Your business is booming offline, but your online presence? Not so much. Maybe you've got a website, but it's out of date, or you haven't got around to developing one at all. You realize it's time to bring your business to the digital forefront. We can make that happen, giving you a shiny, modern web presence that reflects your brand perfectly.

Tech Upgrade Enthusiasts

Your business model is solid, your products or services are great, but there's room for improvement in your technological infrastructure. Maybe you have an existing app that's clunky and outdated, or perhaps you're keen to develop new software to streamline operations. We're here to revamp your tech, optimizing your systems and ultimately making your life easier.

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